Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pippin, the Bushbaby - Maree

“Very little of the great cruelty shown by men can really be attributed to cruel instinct. Most of it comes from thoughtlessness or inherited habit."
- Albert Schweitzer

W&N watercolour in my Moleskine 200gsm Folio (A4) Nature Journal

Galagos, also known as bushbabies, bush babies or nagapies (meaning "little night monkeys" in Afrikaans), are small, nocturnal primates native to continental Africa and
are almost exclusively seen only at night.

This is Pippin, whom I was lucky enough to have in my life for a few weeks after I rescued him from children who were stoning him, as a result of which he lost the use of his left eye. After nursing him back to health, he spent a couple of weeks living in my indoor garden in my lounge, often bounding onto my shoulder for a snack. When I was satisfied that he had fully recovered, I released him in the thickets on the banks of the Magalies River, which was in the vicinity where I had found him. I just hoped and prayed that he had learnt a lesson about people and would stay out of reach of the children ...

I did this sketch from a photograph I took of him, as he NEVER sits still long enough to be able to sketch him!


  1. Oh he's so cute! Is his fur as soft as you've made it look? I would have had a hard time letting him go.

  2. Oh yes Paula! Even softer than you can imagine! He used to sit just inside my shirt, clinging to my bra strap, peeping out every now and then to see if it's safe to sit on my shoulder! And it WAS hard letting him go, but the other alternative would have been a cage, which is just not on. Besides, here we are not allowed to keep any indigenous wildlife without a permit, which is not easy to come by, thank goodness!

  3. SO adorable. It is good that permits are not easy to come by--here in America either, I think. Most people who would apply are responsible, caring people, but bad apples ARE possible.

  4. Thanks Kate! Yes, stricter laws were applied here after a couple of mishaps!

  5. Oh, you must SEE them Elva, they are too gorgeous for words!


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