Friday, December 16, 2011

Pink Poinsettias - Lin Frye

Pink Poinsettias by linfrye
Pink Poinsettias, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Poinsettias - the icon of the holidays! The greenhouse program at our college (run by Johnston County Mental Health as horticultural therapy) grows HUNDREDS of poinsettias each year. A walk through their greenhouses is a visual delight - poinsettias in all styles, colors, sizes - pink, speckled, ruffed, red, marbled and more!

I chose to paint PINK this year - perhaps influenced by the unseasonably warm weather we've been having. For our holiday parties yesterday - the temperature reached 70F!!!! And here we all were with Santa, jingle bells, bright red, holiday fashioned sweaters and scarfs! LOL

Still, the poinsettias SAY 'Christmas' - and are always such a delight!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Lin, another gorgeous poinsettia! I like the pink, too. I'm intrigued by your backgrounds. Can you tell us how you do them?

  2. Beautiful! What fun to see pink ones - I didn't even know they came in pink, but I'll believe it.

  3. just beautiful, Lin! love the poinsettias and the way the did the background. gorgegous!

  4. Lovely and luminous! I don't even LIKE pink poinsettias and find this gorgeous...

  5. Lyn... your work is amazing! I always love to see your next painting... beautiful...:)


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