Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Australian Native Flowers

111008 04 Spring Sketchabout 2 Natives

Following on from Alissa's great sketches... here are my ultra quick sketches form Saturdays Spring Sketchabout.(I am afraid that I spend too much time socialising at these events to do a serious sketch!)
I choose two flowers contrasting in size... the gymea lily(as drawn by Alissa) which is approx 30cm/1 foot wide (not 70cm as incorrectly noted in my sketchbook from a field guide that I have) and the other tiny tiny yellow button (only a few millimetres in size)
I also, like Alissa, drew a grass tree...but mine was a 'dead' stump.
I look at my wildflower guide book all the time and what often strikes me when I find them in real life, is how small many of the native flowers in Australia are.


  1. Beautiful job on these...I love finding the tiny flowers here, too. Love the notes here, and the comparisons.

  2. thanks Kate... finally I get around to posting here. I will do more in the future - promise!!

  3. I like how you captured the essence of the flowers and your layout. Hope to see more.


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