Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nature, Nature, please don't go away... Maree

Nature has so much beauty, so much to teach us. Mother Nature has inspired the greatest poets of all time to write unbelievable prose.

Nature, Nature,
Please don't go away...

We over polluted and any day, now, any day
It might die forever
And just go away

We are transmitting from the future
2115, I think
We lost count at 2079
When the world was on the brink

Look Larry
Look Sue
Look Harry

It’s 2011 according to the machine…
Those trees are green!
The sky is blue!
The fields are beautiful
And even the people are, too!
Look everyone!
Look at the screen!

Look at when nature, nature
Was such a fragile creature
With such delicate green features
By John Murray


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