Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mother Nature At Work

10-9-11, Covered Bridge
©2011 Carolyn A. Pappas, 10-9-11 (Covered Bridge). Pen and ink in large handbook sketchbook.

Although I didn't have much to talk about after Hurricane Irene, I did get out to Greenfield, MA the next week and take some photos of the damage there. I was a bit rushed, however, and didn't get a chance to sketch anything until this past weekend. The whole area looks pretty much the same as it did then, although they did have earth moving equipment bringing in rocks to try to repair the riverbank. It's too bad that they are going to have to tear down the covered bridge.

The next day I went a few miles upriver and made another sketch. Here, the river looks more like it did before, except that it is wider now in most places. Sections of road were washed out and there is still some debris from a house that was carried off its foundation.

10-10-11, Green River
©2011 Carolyn A. Pappas, 10-10-11 (Green River). Pen and ink in large handbook sketchbook.


  1. fine lines for dramatic drawings, I like them very much.

  2. Carolyn, you provide us with a sobering look at nature's power! Beautifully done...

  3. Your drawings capture the power of the storm so well. ,,, very sobering.


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