Friday, September 23, 2011

A red-head from Africa-Concetta Flore

The Common Agama, Red-headed Rock Agama, or Rainbow Agama (Agama agama) is a species of lizard from the Agamidae family, found in most of Subsaharan Africa.
It can often be seen in the heat of the day. In the breeding season, the males develop their most dramatic markings, the head and neck and also tail turning bright orange, and the body dark blue. Outside of the breeding season, the male is a plain brown. The females and juveniles are always more cryptically marked. This lizard can be climbing rocks and walls. The diet is insects.
Thank you Wiki!

What I knew before this was only the beauty and calm countenance of this subject, and that it was an Agama. He was sitting on a rock and let us come up real close to take pictures. He acted like the guardian of the Twifelfontein site, a stunning place in Namibia where the rocks have been carved during the centuries, shaping animals and scenes of ritual meaning.

Although the agama was sitting on an uncarved rock, it is my intention to combine the two in a  painting for my African exhibtion end of November. If you wish to take a look at the lion I'm painting in oils, and other Namibian sudies, you're welcome to visit conci's colours.


  1. What a unique-looking lizard, Cochetta, and you have captured him/her so well!

  2. Very beautiful texture of the mantle with this light...


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