Friday, September 23, 2011

Mr. Patience: Pacific Tree Frog

Lake in the Woods, Douglas County, Oregon, USA
I was surveying dragonflies at one of my favorite ponds, Lake in the Woods, when I happened upon this little Pacific Tree Frog. I took a few photos and continued checking on the dragonflies. After lunch I kept thinking about the frog and wondered if he was still sitting on the same cattail frond. … what a pretty thing to draw. If he was still there, he probably would continue to stay put and let me do a careful sketch.

The little fella was still sitting on the same cattail. He puffed up a little when he saw me and then settled back down. His emerald greenback blended beautifully with the greens of the cattails. He can also turn to golden brown when that is the needed color to blend in.

While I was sketching, a tiny ant started climbing the cattail. He was no larger than the pupil of the frog’s eye. When he bumped into the frog he climbed this new mountain ….. right over the frog’s back and soon was walking along the lip of the frog’s mouth. The frog tried twice to catch the ant with its tongue, but the ant was off to the side. No problem. He picked up one of his feet and just pushed the ant into his mouth.

….. One of the joys of sketching from life is little unexpected moments like that! Plus I have captured the memory of an Indian Summer day at a special location.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity, Elva, thank you for sharing!

  2. I like the leaf coming out of the composition...and the whole post of course.

  3. This is a great sketch. How fun to see it in action too. I have been hearing one around in our garden but never see it. I was so surprised to see how small they were when I finally did see one. Cris, Artist in Oregon.


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