Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Raven Alert

Here is a funny story that I wanted to share.
The other day I was home alone reading when I heard a LOUD banging on the house or window.  I thought it was the neighbor next door needing help or something.  So I looked in one bedroom and nothing.  The banging was intermittent.  I heard it again and looked in the other bedroom.  Nothing.
I was starting to get a little nervous being alone.
When I walked past the bathroom I heard the banging again and found the answer....a raven was banging on the skylight!
I waved a towel and he left.  I have never had this happen before and hope it doesn't happen again.  Perhaps he saw his reflection?

I decided to do a journal page about it and after the painting I used a watercolor paint called 'pearlescent shimmer' to paint over the window so it looked somewhat opaque and it worked just as I expected it to.


  1. heehee, those corvids love to tap...well, pound! i raised a rescue crow once... she'd land on the back of my lawn chair and start pecking at my head. she finally decided she was a crow, made friends and hopefully lived happily ever after!

  2. What a stinker! but a nice story.


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