Friday, August 12, 2011

A very quick sketch of the lovely little ground cover I discovered in the Maine woods, pretty much actual size, each stem seeming to be independent of the others covering the ground. The bright red berries reminded me of holly. Wonder what it is?
The layout is rather haphazard, a quick view of the pond/lake - and my thoughts, I never know how to fill out such a page.


  1. very nice,, I love the way this journal is looking,, is it watercolor paper? Did you contruct it yourself?

  2. Hi Laurie, thanks for commenting, the journal is Fabriano, the one with the brick print cloth.

  3. It's bunchberry...Cornus canadensis! Lovely sketch of it. Thanks so much for sharing it. I love this plant.


  4. Thanks for identifying this, Nanina! I painted it in flowering stage, but I was going to have to go look it up to remember what it was! Lovely job, Sandy...

  5. I agree ... bunchberry. Lovely sketch.


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