Monday, August 8, 2011

follow-up photo of mystery bird

mystery bird near nest by vickylw
mystery bird near nest, a photo by vickylw on Flickr.
Thanks for the comments on my previous post of sketches of this bird! My sketches were probably the male (he was very high on a power line -- I don't have any binoculars).

This photo is probably the female a juvenile on a branch near the nest. Not sure if it's a Mississippi kite or some kind of falcon, but it is a bird-eater. Over the weekend the male flew close over my head --- I'd say the wind span is about 24".


  1. wow,, thats a big bird,, is that the eye i see, its beak is quite curved, must be belong to that family,,

  2. It could be a juvi Mississippi Kite as my Sibley's book shows that kind of coloring. Especially with it sitting by the nest. 'Females are unpatterned and gray overall.'

  3. I'm not sure what bird it is, but it does sound like a huge bird! Great close up of it!

  4. Thanks for all the input! I have decided that the birds are probably Mississippi Kites and that this is a juvenile. Hard to judge size as the nest is 3 stories up and my camera's telephoto lens not that good.


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