Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trapped in the Shed by a Gray Squirrel

(OK, not really trapped, but I didn't want to leave such a wonderful sketching opportunity...) He came cautiously down the tree, then peered around the vine, then stood at attention near the platform feeder until he was SURE the coast was clear.

Normally when I reach for my pencil the squirrels scatter, but not this time. I got to do a LOT of quick sketches in various mediums...soft graphite, ink, a mechanical pencil...

I've been told that gray squirrels and fox squirrels won't inhabit the same territory, but no one's told the squirrels!


  1. I love it when sketches and handwriting fill the page in such harmony...I can't do it...

  2. Thank you, Concetta! I just keep adding elements until I quit...


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