Monday, January 3, 2011

Elephant Seals

Burrr! It is nearly freezing. A brisk breeze is stiffening my hands all too quickly. I’m at an overlook across from a fabulous ‘haul out’ on the Oregon Coast. At times thousands of sea lions come ashore on the beach for a rest during their migration; a few elephant seals started breeding here about 15 years ago; and a few harbor seal are always in residence.

Today there are about 200 pinnipeds (seals and sea lions)on the beach. Two very young elephant seal pups trying to nurse on one female. We’ve never seen that before. I set up my spotting scope and sketched until my hands went cold. Then I switched to taking notes while my husband, Dale, photographed. To see the sketches I did afterwards, at home, and to read more about the elephant seals, go to


  1. This is neat...the sketches and the story.

  2. delightful sketches...I don't sense the cold in your hands! clean neat lines...and full of life.


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