Monday, January 3, 2011

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.
...not 3 miles from where I sit typing, according to one source. We share our environment with far more than we know. I've seen several bobcats, and knew they'd found the tracks of a very large mountain lion over a decade ago, but this is the first verified animal in Ray County, Missouri--that I know of.

And of course I sketched from a variety of resources; I don't know just where the cougar was found, and I don't have the heart to sketch from a dead mountain lion, they're too glorious alive.

Here's more from the Missouri Department of Conservation:


  1. This very nice, Cathy. I particularly like the lifelike light in his eyes.


  2. Beautiful sketch. Is this watercolor pencil?

  3. Thank you, just Prismacolor colored pencils, Vickie!

  4. Beautiful cougar! ... one of my favorite animals.

  5. dear kate, very beautiful your work

  6. Thank you, Angela...I'd love to see one in the wild...from a nice, safe distance!


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