Friday, January 21, 2011

First Post

Northern Wheatear
Hi everyone, I'm Phil Davis, a self taught artist, living in a small fishing village in County Cork , Southern Ireland. My main interests, or passions, are painting and birding, although I am interested in all aspects of wildlife

Rustic Bunting

I love to sketch "in the field"even though it means dozens of rubbish sketches to every decent one, but also use my own photos as reference, its much more comfortable to work in a warm dry studio!

Long Tailed Tit
I paint in many different mediums, depending on my mood, from oils to coloured pencils, and paint many different subjects ,from the sea and the local fishing fleet, to landscapes and even abstracts, but I always seem to return to the wonders of the wildlife around me.

American Golden Plover
I feel very honoured to be invited to post on this wonderful blog and hope you like my sketches, I look forward to posting many more.


  1. Phil, welcome! SO glad you were able to join us...

  2. Welcome, Phil! Too like to sketch birds in the field ... and from my photos. I look forward to seeing more of your field sketches.

  3. Phil, I'm glad you're part of this group! I really enjoy waking up in the morning, turning on my computer and taking a quick trip to your part of the world via your bird and landscape sketches.

  4. Welcome Phil,beautiful sketches I'm a birdwatcher too!compliments from Italy!


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