Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter robins

Winter robins, and lots of them! They overwinter in the southern 2/3 of the US, but you don't usually see them in town in the winter. I loved getting out the binoculars and seeing the robins and starlings drinking and bathing in my neighbor's rain gutter. 

Robins will eat berries and drupes that stay on the trees overwinter when they can't get their preferred worms and bugs; the hackberry tree by my fence has almost no sweet black berries left today!    (The tree's other name is sugarberry, no wonder they were so popular with the birds and squirrels.)

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  1. Lovely journal page to share, esp on this very cold, cold morning here in Virginia - 19 degrees.

    I love how they hang out large groups this time of year. We have them in the woods where I walk and they blend in so well with the fallen oak leaves.

    Thanks for sharing Kate....Linda


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