Friday, January 21, 2011

Immature Male Common Yellowthroat Studies - Linda C. Miller

copyright LC Miller, 2010

 Here are two drawings made from photos taken at the Bodie Lighthouse observation post.  This wonderful little guy stopped by to take a bath and with my camera in hand, we spent a good three minutes together.

copyright LC Miller, 2010

 I started using my new lead holders in 2H and HB for these drawings.  I then learned how to use the lead sharpener. Oh my, I don't think I can ever use an ordinary pencil or even a mechanical pencil again.  The lead point is so fine and allows one to draw such delicate lines!

Here is a link to The Pencil Lead Holder Museum! It showcases many different types and brands.  I use a Staedtler Mars technico lead holder that I purchased from Dick Blick as well as the Staedtler 502 lead sharpener.  The sharpener has two different points to choose from.  Also the NY Botanical Garden drawing course offers lead recommendations that are helpful too.

Thank you for stopping by, Linda

Linda C. Miller
Artist, naturalist and instructor
Williamsburg, Virginia


  1. Lovely, exquisite drawings, Linda! Could you expand on the lead holder and sharpener a bit, or put in a photo? I'm not sure what you mean...

  2. Great pencil sketches, Linda. Funny how different artists like different materials. As soon as I buy a mechanical pencil I pour out the hb lead that comes in it and put in 2b! I may have to do some studies using the harder lead!

  3. very nice your pencil sketches, you're able to reap the full nature of the small bird

  4. Beautifully rendered, Linda! I wish I had the patience for pencil. I'm with Kate, would love to see a visual of the lead and holder


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