Thursday, October 28, 2010

Foliage, part two - Carolyn A. Pappas

9-26-10, foliage

I finally got around to doing some scanning and uploading of my nature sketching sketchbook, so this sketch is about a month old. This sketch was another one done by looking out my window, although from a different angle. It reminds me a bit of this drawing from last year. The colors in the leaves have changed a lot over the past month; there are more reds and rust colors, as well as more of the birch trunks visible. I will have to do another version as it looks now.


  1. I can almost hear the wind whispering in those beautiful leaves, Carolyn!

  2. That's really Pretty! I like your group, I'll def become a follower!

  3. Love the gayity (sp? - new word?) of the colors and shapes. Looks like you've got a great series going!


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