Friday, October 29, 2010

Chickadee in My Yard

I was delighted when Cathy invited me to join Sketching in Nature a few days ago ... and looked forward to creating a new drawing the next time I was out in the field. But the rains have come. Day after day of rain. Today I sat in my rocker, next to the front window, and with the fire keeping me cozy and drew this little black-capped chickadee in my yard. A family of three were filling up on black oil seed and flitting about in my little hawthorn tree.

I literally bump into the hawthorn every day, but was suprised at what I hadn't noticed before. Each leaf has a tiny pair of mini leaves at the base of its stem. Also, the nasty spines don't seem to grown until that section of the branch is over a year old.


  1. Ah, just love this sketch Elva! Beautifully done! A big welcome to Sketching in nature, lovely seeing you here!

  2. VERY glad to have you, Elva! I'd meant to see if you were interested ages ago, but got distracted!

  3. Welcome Elva. Your nature sketching will be a wonderful addition to this Blog.

  4. Welcome, Elva! I look forward to seeing more of your work!


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