Friday, October 29, 2010

Solly's hen and rooster - Maree

All around the barnyard
The animals are fast asleep.
Sleeping cows and horses,
Sleeping pigs and sheep.
Here comes the cocky rooster
To sound his daily alarm.
Wake up sleepy farm!"
- Unknown

This is one of Solly's roosters again, with the mother of the previous little chicks I posted. I did the sketch of her some time ago, and just now decided to add her rooster in watercolour - he was good enough to stroll past a couple of weeks ago, and I managed to get a quick (partial!) sketch of him before he disappeared around the corner! the rest of him was left up to my imagination.


  1. Oh, Maree-- I just lo-ove his tail feathers!

  2. And he REALLY does have a beautiful bunch Annie! I see you're also a Taurus, my birthday is in May!

  3. Roosters with their floppy combs and wattles and tail feathers have an entertaining body language. And yes, we are both Taurus-- tauri too.


  4. They certainly do have Annie, and their eyes are so expressive!

  5. Thank you PJ! It's that tail blowing in the wind that's so inspiring!

  6. Beautiful! Just happended upon your watercolor on google images :)

    1. thank you very much Bobbie, it's amazing what Google can bring up, isn't it?


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