Monday, May 10, 2010

Cactus Monday - Blooming Saguaro - Teri Casper

Just before we left Arizona this tall Saguaro cactus was blooming in my neighbor's yard. As we drove by I made DH stop so I could take a photo because I knew I wanted to paint it. The Saguaro's usually bloom after we leave so this was exciting.
I used watercolor for everything but the white flowers and buds. I used gouache for them. I like the way the sun seems to be shining so bright on this cactus.
And it feels good to be painting again.
This is painting #50 in my '100 Paintings Challenge' WHOOHOO!!

Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Beautiful. Love the little flowers at the top.

  2. What a cool cactus Monday painting! So glad you took the time to photograph it. So where do you go when you leave Arizona?


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