Monday, May 10, 2010

South Carolina Pond and Spanish Moss - Lin Frye

Arches 140#CP
9" x 12"

There are things about each place we live or visit that seem to stay with us and 'call' to us time and time again. Live oaks, Spanish Moss and water remind me of living in South Carolina and visits to a city filled with memory and feeling. This is from a photo I took during our visit several months ago. It evokes in me that same sense of place, tranquility and awe of a landscape gardened with grandeur and magnificent live oaks.

We were given a number of live oak seedlings that we have nursed for several months so that now, still in 6" flowerpots, they are almost 6" tall. I have a couple of plants that I'll continue to culture until they are large enough to place in my own landscape. But they are slow growing trees, and so I will probably never see a size close to the magesty of the magnificent oaks in Charleston, but I can at least hold a bit of their legacy and progeny close at hand.

I hope your day is wonderful!

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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