Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inspired by Fragrant Viburnum - Lin Frye

Daily Practice

It's one of the most exciting times of the year in terms of floral and tree displays. Everywhere I look is something to paint! In our 'secret garden,' my fragrant viburnum has grown almost six feet tall, and the sweet fragrance of its many blooms reaches me even when I park the car in the driveway!

I also received some exciting news yesterday. I learned that the two paintings I entered into my first 'Juried Show' were accepted:

Purple Sailing

There'll be a vote on 4/30 -- so keep me in your thoughts, please.

I'm really enjoying this 'splashy' way of painting and find that when I try to return to a more 'realistic' style, my body rebels and I feel and paint stiffly, awkwardly and tensely. Does this happen to you too? So I"m 'going with the flow' as it seems to be just the way my body and emotions seem to relax these days. I'm hoping this means I'm incorporating this 'style' into my own ...

The weather has been incredibly gorgeous - mid 70s, sunshiney, low humidity and the clearest air (after the rain) that we've had since pollen season began. There are so many hues of green sparked by bright flower colors that it's like a giant Monet painting outdoors!

Have a great Sunday!

Lin Frye - North Carolina


  1. LOVE the Viburnum Lin! And we'll hold thumbs for you!

  2. This 'new' way of painting sure agrees with you.

    Best of luck.


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