Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bermuda Sorrel?


One of the magics of sketching for me is discovering something that existed all the time without me noticing it - something mundane and beautiful. As I just found out these flowers are natives here and they bloom every spring for three or four month all over the cities around me. Some people welcome them in the garden in spring and some people try to get rid of them. It took me many years to notice them for the first time :)

I hope I identified them correctly ;)


  1. Looks right to me, Nina! Also commonly called sorrel or sourgrass. It has a lemony tang, but as its name suggests, lots of oxalic acid, so you don't want to eat TOO much of it.

  2. Thanks for waking me up to this plant (although I don't recognize it, I'm sure there are others right here around me) and this way of looking at the world close-by.


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