Sunday, April 11, 2010

The garden tour

Yesterday I spent the first day of the tour out with everyone. It isn't often we get to share our garden with fellow gardeners. I ended up being able to squeeze out one quick sketch amongst answering questions and giving out cards. I highly recommend getting involved in these kinds of events, I found it a very good place to promote my business and artwork along with classes. I even was asked to come over and design some yards for people. So how else would all these awesome things happened if I had stayed inside, which was my first thought. I had remembered not ever seeing a home owner on these tours although they encourage you to be out so the people can meet you. Who knows what doors were opened today by just being out there. If I had thought about it better I would have been better prepared to market myself since it is the perfect demographic for everything I do. Although I invited the Plein Aire group no one came, but that is ok, maybe today. I will take some pictures and post later of the people, they say they sell about 800 tickets a year for the show and tour.

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  1. Beautiful sketch! How generous of you to share your gardens!


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