Monday, March 29, 2010

Sketching a Limpkin--Vickie Henderson

It has been more than a pleasure to revisit the birds I encountered in south Florida's sunny wetlands late in January.  Our waining days of March have brought nothing but gray, cold and rain.
A fun time to create sketchbook pages from photo images--when going outside is not such a grand idea.
And it's been fun, if even a bit intimidating, to consider how I will paint these tawny Limpkin feathers, with their splattering of wedge-shaped white and subtleness of beauty.  Stay tuned.
For more about this wetlands species, visit The Delightful Limpkin at Vickie Henderson Art.  You may also want to visit my brand new blog, Vickie's Sketchbook, where I'll be focusing more on the heart in art and why I love it so much.


  1. Hey, that's a great bird!!! You're doing wonderfully!

  2. He's gorgeous Vickie! Never heard of or seen a Limpkin, a truly beautiful bird - threatened species I see?

  3. Thank you, Carol!

    Hi, Maree. A very interesting bird and I love that tawny plumage with the white tips. The population is stable presently, but their primary food, the Apple Snail is declining.

  4. NICELY done, Vickie--and yes, the weather has been weird almost everywhere, hasn't it! You got wonderful photos--what kind of camera are you using?

    Your Limpkin's eye is perfect...bright, alert...

  5. Wow this guy is strikingly beautiful - Well done!

  6. You're off to a wonderful start! Great photo, too -- they are such shy birds and blend in with their surroundings a little too well. One of my favorite wading birds.

  7. Thanks for teaching me about this bird...can't wait to see your finished painting!


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