Monday, March 29, 2010

Cactus Monday - Holey Cactus - Teri Casper

Cactus Monday - Holey Cactus
Originally uploaded by Teri DC
I did a quick sketch of this Prickly Pear two years ago at a park here in Tucson. I decided to try doing a painting from that sketch and here's the result. I have seen a cactus with a bite out of the side but never a hole in the middle like this one. I'm not sure what caused it.


  1. Interesting!! I always count on you for Cactus Mondays!

  2. Yea, lovely Teri! I had some prickly pears in my garden, and one developed a hole in the centre of a leaf due to some disease, which eventually affected the whole plant.

  3. Wonderful painting and interesting story! Nature does some amazing things sometimes!


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