Monday, January 4, 2010

The finches have found us!

January 4, feeder birds

It seemed to take forever, but they've found us now...and we're VERY popular.  The juncos feed on the porch and table, and on the ground, preferring the spilled seed; we've had the occasional purple finch, and of course lots of sparrows, a few winter wrens, cardinals, jays, and tons of fluffed-out starlings.

The kittens are going nuts watching the show...chattering to the birds that are closest, wishing they could get outside...


  1. I love your collection of finches and friends, Kate! I've just begun learning to draw birds by drawing the finches that collect at our feeder and was very excited to see your wonderful sketches, which inspire me to keep practicing!

  2. Lovely to have so many birds at your feeders Kate! In winter our birds certainly do depend on us for that extra sustenance and in some cases can mean the difference between surviving or not making it. Great sketches!

  3. Beautiful drawings Kate, as always! HOw lucky you are to have all those birds. Ours are desperately trying to survive our extremely cold unexpected thick snow.

  4. Very cold here too, Catriona--minus 10 this morning, and still about 6" of snow. How much do you have? I'm sure that's why our feeder is so busy...

    Sketching birds is very good practice for FAST drawing; I usually refine the sketches later, as I did here, and add color...

  5. How wonderful! I love the variety of birds you see & sketch. Only sparrows here, though this morning I saw one blue jay. So cold . . .

  6. What a delightfully lively page! I can just imagine the birds hopping and fluttering. Isn't it wonderful to watch the birds at a feeder? I spend many happy hours that way.


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