Monday, January 4, 2010

One of my favorite mushrooms

These pretty little mushrooms appear around Christmas here in northern California and are called Marasmius plicatulus. One rainy December I saw a huge troop of hundreds or more, all in one place. Mostly, where I walk, they appear in smaller groups and you have to look very carefully to find them because they blend so well with the leaves. I drew some a week ago in black and white because I love working in black and white, but I wanted to try to capture the lovely colors, so today I made a little watercolor sketch. It was very cold and I kept waiting for the sun to come out and make it warmer. I finally gave up and packed my things to go home and finish up. As I walked out of the park, the sky cleared.


  1. Oh, they ARE pretty! I've found them around here, too...magical little things. You did a wonderful job on them...

  2. Gorgeous sketch Debbie! I also have them in my garden on the lawn now after the vast amount of rain we've had - they are dark brown in colour, and probably from the same species.


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