Monday, November 9, 2009

an Autumn sketchbook -- Vicky Williamson

a new folded sketchbook for Autumn

Like most of us, I love the colors and textures of Autumn. Recently I made a sketchbook from a folded sheet of watercolor paper, just for sketching botanicals this season. I thought it would be a good example if I get to teach a botanical sketchbook workshop next spring in Wichita.

next page

first pages opened up

Mi-Teintes paper cover

sketchbook unfolded
I've decided to use just ink, watercolor pencil, and watercolor crayons in this sketchbook.


  1. Super idea! Lovely start on this sketchbook! and THANKS for the idea of the cover -- I can use it for a class I'm taking at the moment. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Beautiful colours and a lovely memento of another Autumn gone past Vicky. I love having a lot of these sketchbooks around for different projects.

  3. Wonderful, Vicky! I've seen this design using copy paper. I tried a sample but must not have folded it well enough. You've inspired me to try again :)

    This will be soooo great for a workshop!

  4. Thanks, guys!
    Pam, this one is pretty wonky when folded -- the pages don't align perfectly. But that's part of its charm, I guess. And the cover hides that!


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