Monday, November 9, 2009

A Party of Robins -- Vickie Henderson

Just a week ago, the Dogwood trees in my yard were full of berries and leaves. Now many of the limbs are bare of both. (Click on the images to enlarge.)

Some of that has been the rain and wind, the cold fronts moving through. But happily, I can say that much of their bareness is due to the large crowd of American Robins that flew in earlier in the week. I discovered them, quite by accident, noticing increased activity in the yard. When I walked over to the dogwood tree, I found myself mesmerized by all the activity--the closeness, their boldness, the funny ways they maneuvered to reach the berries, the beauty of the morning light on their faces, the dazzling autumn hues.

It was a party I won't soon forget. Watercolor created in my sketchbook on 140# hotpress paper.
To see more autumn activity around my American Dogwood trees visit Vickie Henderson Art.


  1. lovely sketch. It give us a great feel for the robin in the tree.

  2. Wow! What wonderful colours Vickie! And the Robin is stunning. Our Cape Robin also flashes his chestnut chest, but the rest of his body is a bit more muted in browns.

  3. Vickie, your watercolors look so effortless and free! Wish mine were less niggly and would flow more. But then, our style isn't something we choose; it finds us.

  4. Thank you everyone. This was a colorful moment. I was struck by the way the Robin disappeared into those deep wine red leaves. Of course, he was disappearing to pick berries, but the bright and colorful camouflage was fun too.

    Vicky, you are so right about that. Everyone's style is uniquely their own. Another reason why it is fun to share work in a venue like this.

  5. Vickie, what a wonderful page...gorgeous!


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