Monday, November 9, 2009

Oxford Barns

Oxford Barns
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12" x 14"
Arches 140# CP

I have passed these old barns so many times since moving to Oxford, that I promised myself that one day I would stop the car, walk into the woods, take a decent photo, and paint them.

I finally did.

While these two structures sit close to the road, the woodlands and traffic make stopping somewhat risky. One quiet day early this month, C and I managed a quick, hurried stop. The barns somewhat more decayed than I've painted here - but that's another painting.

C's jam, our dinner with guests, music, walks - all went beautifully yesterday. Fabulous company, including my son who's improving daily, fun and laughter, sun-shining and warm temps all contributed to a really enjoyable and blessed day. It's been a very welcome respite.

Today I dash into the office, teach a bit, and then dash again to the airport to pick up my guest for the week. Art classes begin in the morning, so I'll be scarce on the 'net this week. With my crazy schedule I don't often get the chance to attend art classes, and so this week is a true gift and much anticipated time to actually WATCH others create and ask questions.

I hope your week is terrific, and I'll post as I can -- but you can bet, I'll be painting daily!!! YAHOO!

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  1. The barns are exquisite Lin and love the green of the tree on the right - very well done.


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