Saturday, November 28, 2009

Goodbye Dogwood Berries--Vickie Henderson

The Dogwood limbs are bare now, picked clean by all the berry-loving birds that feast on them-- aided by a squirrel or two. When the Dogwood limbs are bare and the winds turn cold, it's time to put feeders out in Tennessee. (Click image to enlarge...:)Even so, there are still plenty of berries around. Among them, the American Beautyberry. If you've never seen this shrub in the fall, click the link and take a look at this lucious combination of reddish-orange and lilac purple. Only nature could stage such a show of brilliance!

Watercolor on 140# hotpress paper.


  1. Lovely pages, Vickie! We had more luck with Beauty berry here this year. Last year's crop was faint to say the least. We had a lot more rain this summer. Guess they like it moist.

  2. He's a beauty! I love your birds and bird stories, Vickie!

  3. Thank you, Carol!

    Thanks, Pam. I also think the rainy summer we had has something to do with the plentiful berries we have this year--berries of all kinds.

    Thank you, Kate. I enjoyed trying to create the impression of feathers on this one.


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