Saturday, November 28, 2009

a rose on Thanksgiving day

keeping a nature journal page

Several times, I have decided to dig this plant up. Although I successfully grew many David Austin English Roses at our old home, this plant has never done well in our present location. Instead of 4 - 5 feet tall, it is only 2 - 3 feet. Instead of covered with roses, we have a bloom maybe once or twice a month.

But how often do roses bloom at the end of November in Kansas? Maybe I'll give it one more chance after all.

This is an exercise for Cathy "Kate" Johnson's current on-line class, Keeping an Artist's Journal.


  1. That is REALLY beautiful, Vicky! And nature is odd, yes? I had a few lilac blossoms in the fall one year, and violets. ?!?!--but wonderful!

  2. Very odd! I guess that's what keeps it interesting. And thank you!

  3. Lovely rose sketch and page, Vicky.

    Kate's comment makes me think of the Crabapple trees I passed on Thanksgiving day. Three of them with blooms opening all over.

  4. Oh, how delicate and lovely! This is beautiful, Vicky. Our knockout roses are still blooming--right up to the first frost, they will. I hope you don't dig this up, though--that looks awfully pretty!

  5. Thanks, Vickie and Suzanne!

    This last bud appeared after our first freeze and it went through several more freezes before blooming. At the time I cut it, it looked just like the sketch. Today it has opened into a full cabbage rose -- the petals just keep on showing up from the middle. And the scent, though faint, is still there as well.

    I think I'll be trying to keep it one more year, with lots of extra food and water.


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