Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ginter Tabby - Maree Clarkson

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

~Martin Buber

"Ginger Tabby" in Moleskine Watercolour sketchbook

This Ginger tabby is the bain Jacko's life - it sneaks into the house every night to eat his food, and as soon as Jacko hears the tell-tale tinkling of his food bowl, a big chase ensues, with the tabby leading the way, jumping up on the boundary wall and disdainfully sitting up there and watching him scrambling around below. I managed t get a photograph of him sitting on the wall and he wasn't much concerned about me, just kept an eye on Jacko.


  1. Thanks Pam. What happened to them?

  2. Just very old age. Sabby was 20, Frodo 15, but his sister Tiki lost a battle to cancel at 13. Now we have cat-like dogs...... 2 Basenjis.


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