Sunday, November 15, 2009

Watercolour pencils

'Magalies River' in Moleskine watercolour sketch-book

I bought some Watercolour pencils this morning, for the first time ever, never worked in them before, but thought I'd get them seeing as they're on Kate's list of supplies for the 'Keeping an Artist's Journal' class, which starts tomorrow. I got the Derwent AQUAtone set of 12 as well as the Derwent Aquarelle set of 24 because it had some different colours.

We went to Wicker Tea Garden in Magaliesburg for lunch, so I took the small AQUAtone set with me. I did this sketch of the river bank, asked the waiter for a glass of water and voila! instant colour on the spot.

Can't say I'm mad about using watercolour pencils, feels like I'm back at school colouring in! But as far as portability and instant colour with little fuss is concerned - they just fitted into my purse - I'll certainly be using them again.

But the colours seem to be fairly muddy - don't know if it's me or if it's the colours. And the colour range is also very limited - tried mixing the colours on the paper, which just made it muddier.


  1. Yep, they are NOT watercolors, and I agree, seldom as transparent. Darned handy, though...

  2. Maybe that's my problem, expected too much from them. It's the handy bit that counts. Thanks Kate.


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