Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Stream - Lin Frye

Fall Stream
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Daily Practice

According to Robert Genn, "Art is fluid, transmutable, open ended, never complete, and never perfect. Art is an event." I couldn't agree more ...

And while I"m so anxious to agree, there is also that very real part of me (as in all of us I believe) that struggles toward some 'goal, ideal, method, style' despite what we instinctively know to be true. I find myself lately dreaming paint, brush strokes, ideas. I study works I admire, books, lessons.

And in all that, while aiming for some goals I've set, I know I must never lose the joy of simply painting - the process, the very act of observing, seeing, noticing, feeling - that very inpetus that creates such delight and abandon - the 'flow or zone' that we tend to enter when our art and our hearts are joined.

I want to remember this - especially in the thick of experiencing the changes that come when one's work is moving in different directions in style, approach, outcome. It's a challenging time! LOL

We accomplished quite a bit yesterday in the garden - despite working in the rain most of the day. We harvested our first fall crop of lettuces, kale, chard, cabbage, and we spent some time cleaning the harvest, cooking and preparing a celebratory lunch. We began making tunnels and cages over the rows and beds of vegetables so we can add floating row cloth to keep the first frost, due in a couple of weeks, from harming the plants. Busy.

Today we take a vanful of guests to Duke Gardens for a lecture and tour of their Asian Gardens, and then visit the SEEDS project to see how other students are growing their plants. The weather should be sunny this morning and cool, changing to rain by mid-afternoon. Fingers crossed.

This sketch, done in that wonderful painting 'zone' reminds me of the walk C and I took a week ago in a new park our county has created. The new trail winds through woodlands simliar to those we live under, but then clammers down toward the river. The view we caught, with overhanging trees and a slow-moving current, wasn't as picturesque as this ... but that wonderful combination of water, trees, and wild grasses ..... serenity.

Have a great day!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Lovely serene sketch Lin. And how great to have a celebratory lunch after the harvest! I'm really thinking about starting a veggie garden...

  2. This post resonates in me Lin. From the quote, through your written word and then the painting is so inviting.

  3. Thank you both so much.

    The tour (I'm just back from both gardens) was incredible .... and to see what the students are growing in their community gardens is a tribute to what can be done in the smallest of spaces. I am ever impressed with the youth of today -- who, especially now, seem to be returning a bit to simpler times - to asking about where their food comes from, from learning from their parents or grand-parents how to harvest, serve, and store the foods they've grown. I'm so glad to see us return full circle ....

    Thanks you again!


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