Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bougainvilla - Teri Casper

Last week I went to the golf range with DH and while he practiced I sketched. There was a big bougainvilla right in front of the car so I painted it.
I really like how it turned out for a quick sketch.


  1. One of the great treasures of the western states: bougainvilla. I have tried to grow it in Tennessee and it is not happy here. Wonderful sketch. Judy

  2. Great sketch, Teri! Nice to know someone else who sketches while others practice golf :) I do that all the time with Rob. He'll hit 2 or 3 buckets, I'll hit one and then off I go to do what I truly enjoy :)

  3. I've lost 2 Bougainvillas due to the heavy frost in our area here in Tarlton, South Africa, so I've given up trying to plant it. Great sketch Teri - simple and effective.

  4. Thanks. These plants are everywhere in Arizona and so pretty. Unlike Pam, I don't even hit any balls, I go right for the sketchbook. :)

    Sad that you lost yours Maree. We don't get much frost here but mid-winter they tend to die back somewhat.


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