Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bracket fungi - Elizabeth Smith

Bracket fungi, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Smith.

Bracket fungi

These little shelf or bracket fungi were nestled at the base of a Sea Grape tree. It seems that all of the mushrooms I’ve seen lately remind me of food – these were the most delectable shade of caramel!

The ground is finally drying out after our September rains. We’ve been enduring a heat wave, breaking records yesterday and today with temperatures in the middle 90’s. It’s been a long summer, and we’re ready for a change.

You can click on the image to see it larger on my Flickr photostream.

~ Elizabeth Smith, Naples, FL USA


  1. Incredibly lovely! You are so good at capturing nature's details.

  2. What a wonderful realistic painting.

  3. It's beautiful, Elizabeth, such subtle colors! I love painting fungus...

  4. This is so gorgeous Elizabeth! Just love mushrooms and fungi...

  5. So beautifully done. Love the detail of the grass and background.


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