Monday, October 12, 2009

Cottage Rose - Maree Clarkson

Being in nature and allowing ourselves to absorb both its gentle beauty and fierce power is a healing act. We do not have to travel far to open ourselves to this gift.

- Unknown

My sketch for today...

"Cottage Rose" watercolour in Visual 140gsm sketch pad

I did this sketch of a rose in my garden in a new sketch book - Visual 140gsm watercolour paper - it's so thin, it just sucks up the paint and won't flow at all and once you've made a mistake, that's it, can't be fixed. Like the muddy leaf top right-hand corner - I promised myself I won't be using it again except for pencil sketches.


  1. Maree, I ran into some paper like that yesterday, how frustrating! But it doesn't show in your painting, it has a lovely softness...

  2. Thanks Kate, and the paper does seem to give that effect, but one can only make one stroke with the brush, and it better be right!


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