Sunday, August 23, 2009

The month the yellow flowers bloom--Cathy Johnson

August Wildflowers

Yesterday was a great day for nature observation, from start to finish. I hope I get another chance to see and then sketch the Cooper's Hawk (or Sharp-shinned, couldn't tell for sure) that's been in the back yard trees the last few days--he makes an almost metallic screech!

We went to Rocky Hollow and I enjoyed sketching the great blue heron through the binoculars--but the wildflowers I got to see up close and personal! So many big hairy lusty yellow flowers at this time of year--I love it! Here are two that were easy to get at...J. was napping while I sketched and restored my soul...


  1. Beautiful, Kate! And I, too, hope you get to sketch the hawk--we have one that's been hovering around our yard lately that we're fascinated by, but I'm always a bit leery of his going after our baby birds that we love so well. (We're not sure if it's a Sharp-Shinned or a Cooper, but we think the former, as it's not as big as a Cooper.) (or is that the other way around!?? LOL) They're beautiful creatures, though!

  2. And mine looks like it might be the (bigger) Cooper's! I tried to find digital hawk sounds to see if I could tell from the cry, but didn't find anything too useful--this is more of an alarm cray, I think. Haven't heard him, today...

  3. Just love this lovely loose sketch Cathy!

  4. Thank you, Maree! It was a bit hurried, and I always seem to like that effect, too.


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