Monday, August 24, 2009

Oranges--Lin Frye

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Daily Practice

I was still working through some of my photographs from Italy this weekend, and I came across a small orange tree that was growing at LaRomita, Tuscany. I had painted oranges before, and thought I'd try them again. I love the contrast of orange against green, and the work felt very contemplative as I worked on individual leaves.

Though we can't grow oranges where I live in NC, a few folks can grow ornamental oranges on their patios - bringing them indoors or in a greenhouse each winter. I wish we could, though ....

Our weekend walks had four of our six cats following us. As soon as I can dowload some photos I'll post them. We looked like a mini-train or like the opening scene of the TV show - Bonaza - where Paw, Hoss, Adam and Little Joe all ride up the hill together --- makes me giggle every time I turn around and watch the cats behind us!

Another busy week ahead, but with school underway at the college, it shouldn't be so insane -- (fingers crossed)! It's supposed to be somewhat cooler as well ... a good time to be outdoors if possible.

Have a safe week!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. love it:) I just found this blog a couple of days ago, but I'm so glad that I did!! I'm just starting to watercolor, I can't wait to do even half as good ;)
    have a good week


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