Sunday, August 23, 2009

Poppies and Olive Trees - by Lin Frye

Poppies and Olive Trees
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Daily Practice

Hurricane Bill was pretty kind to us, passing by our coastline with high waves and undercurrents, and granting our need for rain in a fairly gentle way -- a few thunderstorms, heavy rains, sun, more soft rain, a thunderstorm, sun. We are grateful for the rain and being spared the winds, and pray for those who may be in his path as he makes his way northward.

In the quiet hours yesterday, I was going through my photos of Tuscany and found this photo. I remembered trying for the ten days I was there to locate a few poppies to photograph or paint - and finally, the day before we left for Venice, found a few blooming against several ancient olive trees. I cropped the photo severely to give a different view and tried to paint more of those gnarly, textured aspects of the incredible olive trees.

We're off to see the grands for a bit this morning. The air is cool and everything is still wet. I'm drying the last of our tomatoes --- and though we may get a few more from the vines before I have to pull them out for the winter, the 'bulk' of production from them is about over. Where did the summer go?

Lin Frye
North Carolina - but missing Italy!!

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