Saturday, June 27, 2009

Red-shouldered Hawk Sketchbook

I paid another visit to Red-shouldered hawk territory yesterday and both saw and heard the juvenile. But I don't always come away from these visits with a hawk image.
In fact, the juvenile travels more extensively now, only visiting the nest area to rest and call to his parents who only sometimes answer. I heard them in the distance several times. The flower in the above sketch is one of the pages in my Red-shouldered hawk sketchbook. There are other pages with partial sketches and some still waiting for paint.
This is the first time I have created a sketchbook journal of nature observations and it has been a very rewarding endeavor, not the least of which has been the opportunity to observe these beautiful hawks. But the effort has also taught me many things about observation, organization, note-taking, persistence and patience! Which reinforces what I already knew, that learning is in the doing! I'll post more of my sketches and paintings from this journey as I get them completed.
To see details about what making the above sketch of the male hawk taught me, click here. To see more about my most recent visit to hawk territory, click the link. And to see all my posts on this family, click Red-shouldered hawks. The earliest post will be last.


  1. Wonderful paintings and drawings!

    I enjoyed reading your blog posting about your process of connection and the value of making mistakes. Lately I feel that I've been making a lot of them! Then I just think of all that I'm learning...

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. Glad you enjoyed it. Its one of the best ways I have of encouraging myself when I'm hard to please.

  3. I always think of them as *your* hawks now. Thanks for taking us on such a grand journey.


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