Thursday, June 25, 2009


clematis watercolor

Today is one of the first days in a LONG time that it hasn't been raining here in Massachusetts and New England in general. The amount of rain we've been getting is abnormal for this time of year, to put it lightly. Everyone has been complaining about it! I really hope that it brightens up so I can spend some time outside again, especially this weekend.

This is a pen and ink and watercolor wash sketch of some clematis that I did some time ago in my 7 x 10 watercolor sketchbook. I wasn't sure what kind of flower this was at first, but then I googled it and found out right away!


  1. Your clementis is gorgeous!!! The white blooms really pop with your choice of lovely colors and detailed pen work.

  2. I love the pen work on this! And the watercolor just brings it all to life. Very nice.

  3. Wonderful technique! Those loose background washes are so nice against the detailed pen and ink sketch. Beautiful drawing!

  4. Very nice! And I can relate about the rain and cloud circumstance.


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