Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sketchbook Entry

Sketchbook Page - Cynthia Padilla
Technique - Loose watercolor wash over bottle ink.
Product - The very modest Prang watercolor set; Dr. Ph Martin India ink; cheap brushes
Workshop - Field Sketching:


  1. Just goes to show you don't NEED fancy materials...this is gorgeous, Cyn!

  2. Very lovely indeed. If you are ever up in Vancouver, British Columbia, teaching a class, let me know! Looks like fun.

  3. So delicately beautiful! Love the different views of flower and butterfly, too.

    My cheap brushes are wonderful in the field and surprisingly durable. :)

  4. Kate...

    As a matter of fact I have several offers to teach workshops across BC. If you can dig up a few leads or venues. I'll surely include your hometown on my route.

    Elizabeth ...
    And if you lose one of those cheap brush in the field, which happens to all of us, its no big wallet buster.


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