Monday, June 8, 2009

The Garden at Stroncone

The Garden at Stroncone
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Sketched Plein Air
Painted in Studio
9" x 12" Arches CP #140

There is much to tell about Venice with a most incredible surprise I'll share tomorrow...I've been itching to tell this part of the story, but I truly need to dash off to the office.

Meanwhile, back to Tuscany.

I sat just inside the street limits to paint this garden - located just outside the ancient city walls. Behind me, the sounds of children laughing, teachers instructing, bells ringing kept me company as I sketched. It was a soft, beautiful morning! People passed me as I sat between two vehicles for safety! But I cannot look at this without hearing the merry sounds of those schoolchildren!

I sketched this and again struggled with perspective - painted a bit of it on site - then packed up my gear and continued exploring this amazing stone city. I gave the piece a lot more light (photo posted earlier) and softened that grey wall of the old town limits.

I think what has impressed me so much about Italy was the sheer numbers of planters and pots that softened every dwelling - roses, pansies, geraniums, callas --- all massed in whatever space was available. This was definitely bringing nature home!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Very beautiful painting Lin - can't stop looking at it!


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