Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wine Bottles and Flowers LaRomita

Travel Sketchbook
Plein Air
La Romita, Terni, Italy

I had to try to capture that magnificent courtyard garden at La Romita!! The view of these flowers and garden structures were captivating!! I sketched this plein air while sitting in the courtyard and painted it plein air with finishing touches in the studio. It's a little lighter in person than scanned.

I just LOVE those old wine bottles!!! I believe they were specially made for La Romita.

Charles and I went to a small jazz festival yesterday. Oxford has built an amphitheatre at its new athletic park, and we spent several hours there yesterday walking the incredibly well-maintained trails, listening to music and enjoying the coolness of an overcast day. Mighty relaxing!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Those wine bottles are gorgeous, Miss Lin...they look so THERE. I could almost pick one up...

  2. Yes, they remind me of those glass floats one used to find washed up on the beaches.


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