Monday, April 13, 2009

Misouri River on Rainy Day

Well the day was rainy and the wind blowing driving the 44 degree temp to 34 degrees windchill. My chemo was giving a rough time. Noon came and the rain let up so I took off to the Missouri River outside of Liberty Missouri.
The light wasn't the best but I was starting to feel better just thinking about getting a sketch today. Art will do that to you. I came upon the bank spot by the railroad crossing and there it was waiting on me. A big pile of concrete debris that the Highway had dumped making the area look bad. But being an artist I sat and soaked it in and then the picture came like lightening from the sky. The biggest bunch of abstract conrete blocks with perfect backdrop and nature at its best all around not minding the concrete at all. Well that did it and out came the sketchbook with 90lb paper. The colors were mute but so was the occasion, rainy and all.
I didn't have time to do it justice and we will meet again but I got my skectch and headed home. The best part was how much better I felt after a session of art. The stump brush busting through the rock was really a beautiful contrast of warm against cool and smooth against rough. Can you close your eyes and see yourself there?
I hope this is a fun sketch for you as it was for me.


  1. Well, you're tougher than I am to be out there in the damp windy cold! Especially not feeling all that great. Your colors really portray a lovely misty atmosphere, and the trees do make a wonderful contrast!

  2. Hi Rick, what a beautiful sketch out of a pile of rubble! Aren't artists' eyes wonderful? Haven't seen any posts by you recently, hope you're keeping well?


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