Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rebecca's Flowers

Rebecca's Flowers
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Daily Practice

The irises at the Arboretum -- tall, strong, colorful -- are just opening -- and how I wish I could get outdoors to sketch them! Yellows, whites, pale blues, deep purples -- all of these are bursting their sheaths just in time for our local artists to come on Saturday to paint and our customers come to purchase plants.

But readying for this event keeps me tied to the greenhouse and indoors ... sigh.

I got to the B&B last night hoping that Rebecca had some irises in her kitchen bouquet. Unfortunately, the flowers on the table were rather droopy and blown. I asked her about them, and that wonderully generous woman suggested we walk her garden to pick a bouquet for me to paint!

Off we went selecting some bright red/purple iris, about-ready-to-bloom azaleas and some of the most incredibly fragrant daffodils I've ever inhaled. She quickly fixed them in the vase, and I was off to paint! This is the result .. and, gratefully, she liked it too! LOL

Rain has set it for the next few days making the final clean-up chores around the gardens impossible. I'll be in the greenhouse all day, repotting plants, organizing tables and the like. It's a busy time, but painting, even though it's often late at night, sure helps to relax me.
And, of course, being around plants all day doesn't hurt either! LOL

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  1. Lin, you're such an inspiration. I love your "daily practice" line, it reminds us all...


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