Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cottonwood Tree

This big old Cottonwood Tree was the first tree I had painted in 5 months after surgery last year. It was fall and the air had that cool cleaness to it. I had been out of the studio for almost 4 months. Finally I wanted to go sketch plein aire so to Martha Lafite's Nature Sanctuary I went.
What a Cottonwood specimen this tree was but I have not done it justice. All I know is after my diagnosis nature has brighter greens and all colors, air is cleaner, the sky is bluer and I don't think I can get upset about much. Funny how your priorities get in order.
My art pulls me through with a healing process when I engage its creativeness. You can tell by the colors how thrilled I was to be able to stand in the woods and sketch/paint this tree. God is good.
For some reason I thought I would share this even though it was a few months back. It is watercolor and approximately 11 X 15". Please excuse the glare on picture glass. Enjoy.......Ricky


  1. Ricky this is just fabulous - the light, the colors, the branches! I can tell you were really in tune with that tree! Every day is a gift, and you are creating wonderful things every day. Blessings...

  2. Ricky - Beautiful words and beautiful sketch work. Everytime, I stop by here to read and see what is being posted, it helps me appreciate nature more. I like the colors, texture and the overall effect of this painting.

  3. A loving portrait. When the computer dropped your painting onto the screen my heart skipped a beat. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tree.

  4. I want to thank all of you for your warm comments and they do mean a lot to me. Elizabeth you are so correct "Everyday is a Gift" and the bible says "We mus redeem out time" sometime to HIM. I hope I have an answer for each day.
    Pat thanks for the "Heart skipped a beat", I've never had that said about one of paintings BUT I take as a good heart skip. God's speed to each of you and keep on painting.. to your health.


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